Dec 28, 2021

8-Week Group Lesson Program Postponed

In an abundance of caution, Brimacombe has made the difficult decision to delay the start of the 8-Week Group Lesson Programs for 2 weeks until the week of January 17, 2022.

The adjusted start dates for programs are as follows:



MONDAYS: January 3, 2022

MONDAYS: January 17, 2022

WEDNESDAYS: January 5, 2022

WEDNESDAYS: January 19, 2022

THURSDAYS: January 6, 2022

THURSDAYS: January 20, 2022

FRIDAYS: January 7, 2022

FRIDAYS: January 21, 2022

SATURDAYS: January 8, 2022

SATURDAYS: January 22, 2022

SUNDAYS: January 9, 2022

SUNDAYS: January 23, 2022


Due to the delayed start of the program, we recognize that the entire 8-Weeks of the program will not be able to be fulfilled.

At this time, the program will be shortened to a 6-Week program and as per the Multi-Week Group Lesson Program Terms & Conditions, point 13 B (, a prorated difference will be offered back as a Brimacombe Gift Card as a result of the 2 lesson cancellations.

Should there be any additional cancellations due to COVID, the prorated difference will be refunded via gift card or original payment method. In all scenarios, this prorated credit will not be calculated until the week of March 22, 2022.  

For those who purchased 8-Week Rental Packages, you have 2 options: 
  1. Delay your pick-up until the new pick up window for the delayed start of the 8-Week Group Lesson Program and receive a pro-rated credit on a Brimacombe gift card for your multi-week equipment rental.
  2.  Pick-Up your equipment now and use them for the entire 8-week period. Please note, if you choose to pick up equipment early, you will not receive a pro-rated refund.

Please note, lesson cards are not available for pick-up at this time, but please ensure you have provided us a new picture and a signed waiver and stay tuned for further updates.  In the event completed packages are handed out on the first day, the mailing fee will be refunded as part of your pro-rated credit.
At this time, we will be focusing on launching our private lessons and we expect to have information available on our website by the end of this week, including how to book!